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Full body refleksology
The best known form of reflexology treatment is still on the feet. The treatment Full body reflexology includes both this and all other therapy systems that make use of the ability of the body to make "images" of itselves, on itselves. These images is what is called projections. Reflexology has been known in many ancient cultures. In the past 20 years, the Swede Karl Axel Lind have been the main driving force for further development of reflexology as a modern form of therapy. I behandlingen brukes trykk og strykninger for å løse opp spenninger i kroppen, but in such a way that the area the client has problems with not being touched. Full body reflexology can be due to its dynamics be used for all types of ailments.

Here are two examples of systems with its own projections that are integrated into the full body reflexology.

Ear acupuncture
This treatment has French Paul Nogi received much credit for. It has also been used in China, but the underlying theory has nothin to do with traditional Chinese acupuncture. The treatment has been put into a larger context of reflexology by Karl Axel Lind.

Acupuncture 2000
This treatment has been developed by Danish John Boel. It is a form of reflexology that only uses the body's joints. This is especially effective for eye problems and the pain.