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Migraine prosject 2008 - finished

NAFKAM (The National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine) manage The Registry of Exceptional Courses of Disease (REFS).

Register decided that for 2008 and 2009 they should focus on patients with migraine who contact zone therapists, reflexologist and acupuncturist in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England.

To contribute to the registry and its research into alternative medicine, I decided to make a contribution in relation to the Register's focus. In practice this consists in giving free treatment to a limited number of migraine patients, who commits to provide information to RESF. The offer of this was announced through TV-Haugaland, first time 31.05.2008.

The response was great. My starting point was to let 3-4 people participate, but it was finally 6. Two men and four women from 11 to 68 years were selected. An important selection criterion was that the person was the most well beyond the migraine problem.

Treatment was started 17.06.2008.

Presentation of results at TV-Haugaland 21.03.09.