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Tinnitus project 2009 - finished

To develop the field of reflexology and to contribute to the work NAFKAM (The National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine) do, we now start up a tinnitus project after a similar model that the migraine project was conducted.

NAFKAM manage The Registry of Exceptional Courses of Disease (REFS). It collected information about particularly good and particularly poor results after treatment by alternative medicine. This information will eventually form the basis for further research.

The therapist team will select two clients each of which register as interested. Clients must pay Nkr 50 per. treatment. To have the opportunity to participate as a client, two criteria must be met:
- There must be a fibromyalgia diagnosis from a doctor
- The client must commit themselves to provide information to RESF

It will through this project be performed a substantial number of treatments. This will give the group a unique experience with tinnitus. The aim is to communicate this knowledge to other reflexologist, allowing more people to benefit from it.

Astrid Viland, 5585 Sandeid
Solrun Børve, 5773 Hovland
Sølvi Gjerde, 5578 Nedre Vats
Anna Eriksen, 5593 Skånevik
Julie Røgelstad, 5593 Skånevik
Vibeke Gerhard, 5563 Førresfjorden

Tutor: Arve Fahlvik